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Golden Heart Scores Arrived

Posted on: April 12, 2010

Funny.  I’d been waiting for this envelope to arrive for months.  When I arrived home this evening to find it, I couldn’t open it.  The little voice in my head,  you know, the Anti-Muse? She’s sitting back on her chaise, frothy umbrella drink in hand, regarding me over the tops of half-glasses, while a tiny amused smirk curls her lips.  “So adorable. You didn’t actually expect the necklace, did you?”

No. No, I didn’t. And I already know I did not finalize.  So, with a pointed glare at Anti-Muse, I tore open the envelope, astonished to learn Border Lines ranked in the second quarter.  In a contest of 1200 entries, ranking in the second quarter is frankly pretty damn great, if I do say so myself.

So there.

Anti-Muse toasts me with her glass, tosses it back and, for once, says nothing.


6 Responses to "Golden Heart Scores Arrived"

You really want to shove a sock in that annoying Anti-Muse sometimes, eh?

Second quarter is fantastic. Keep rockin’, Patty.

A sock? Mm, thinking more along the lines of medieval torture. Could you see it? Twisting the screws until an Actual Compliment escapes in utter broken defeat? *rubs hands in glee*.

Thanks for the kind words, Michelle!

Beautiful! Congrats–that’s an awesome, inspiring achievement.

p.s. I gave your blog a thumbs up in StumbleUpon. Hope you get tons more readers. 🙂

Well thank you so much! Appreciate it.

And thank you for your kind words.

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