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About Patty

I’m a technical writer by day and a novelist by night. Hell, I’ll write anything if the muse is with me.  In my technical writing world, I document software usage for a Long Island computer company. Visit

In my fictional world, I love reading fantasy, romance, mystery – whatever. I love pretty much everything Nora Roberts writes. I enjoy Laurell K. Hamilton, Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy, Dean Koontz and Lisa Jackson.  I just ‘discovered’ Sherry Thomas, author of the most elegant writing I’ve ever read. Check out her Not Quite a Husband. You’ll cry, I promise.  I am a twilight-aholic and not afraid to admit it. For a bit of light-hearted fun, I switch over to Joanna Pence’s Angie Amalfi books and Diane Mott Davidson’s Goldy Bear series. I love the food… From being on Twitter, a whole new literary world has been opened to me. Follow my Links or check out What I’m Reading to learn why I love Jeff Somers, Sean Ferrell, Bill Cameron, and Cynthia Reese. (Update: WordPress tables confound me, so I’ve begun posting What I’m Reading over on Goodreads.)

My first novel, Penalty Killer, was a whodunit about a star hockey player whose father is arrested for the murder of a dad on the opposing team.

Postpartum Deception attempted to be suspense. It was about a grieving mother whose emerging psychic ability helps her locate the baby presumed dead in a fire. It ended up being too dark. Someday, I will revise this story because I love the premise so much.

I like writing romance the most. Border Lines and Send are my latest stories.  Border Lines is about a doctor whose free clinic teeters on the brink of bankruptcy unless she can convince a hot reporter to give it some positive press coverage. I plan to spin it into a trilogy: Head Lines next and concluding with Side Lines, each book focusing on the relationships of the three Devine siblings.

Send is my the project that earned the attention of my agent, Denise Little. It’s a bit of a tech writing/fiction crossover, actually. It started in 2009, when I was challenged by a new manager to ‘think outside the book’. I began researching the likes of Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, and learned about things like wikis and user-generated content. As I researched, a seed of an idea took root and became Send, a story about a boy whose sexting prank ends one life and ruins several others. In 2010, I learned a version of SEND finished in the top ten of the 79th Writer’s Digest writing competition!

I’m a wife, mother of two teen sons who regularly dazzle me with their wit and give me new reasons each day to be proud.

Favorite TV Show: The X-Files and lately, Supernatural

Favorite Vampire: On TV – I’m torn between Damon and Eric Northman. In books, I adore Nora Roberts’ Cian in book 3 of the Circle Trilogy. *swoons* If this were ever made into a movie…

Favorite Chocolate: Hershey’s Kisses

Favorite Punctuation Mark: I…um… have a slight obsession with exclamation points.

Drop me a line at, tell me what you think.


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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m Patty.

I'm a writer represented by Denise Little, The Ethan Ellenberg Agency. I love to tell stories, to boast about my sons, to indulge in a serious chocolate obsession. (I often combine these passions.)

During the day, I write software user guides, but at night, I let my hair down... and write whatever I want. (I know. You expected something else. Sorry.) I'm currently working on a YA story about sexting gone horribly bad called SEND. I use this blog to explore my passions.

Contact me at pattyblount3 at gmail dot com.

You're also welcome to link to, quote, or cite anything you find here. You're NOT welcome to copy it outright for your own use. 'Cause that's plagiarism, no matter what you heard on the internet.

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